Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to questions asked by Campers and Parents

•  Where is the camp located?

The MJFS offices and dorms are located at the Tropicana Gardens Dormitory, 6585 El Colegio Rd., Goleta, CA 93117.

•  Is there a deadline to register?

Though there are no registration deadlines, MJFS usually sells out.

•  What time should I arrive at camp in order to avoid the long registration lines? What time does registration end?

Overnight Camper registration is from Noon - 2 pm at Tropicana Gardens Dormitory, 6585 El Colegio Rd., Goleta, CA. Day Camper registration is from 1 - 2 pm at UCSB Events Center Thunder Dome.

•  What do I bring for overnight camp?

Each camper must bring the following items to camp: towels, wash cloths, soap, and other personal hygiene items. Please bring twin size bed sheets, blankets and a pillow or sleeping bag. Basketball footwear, athletic socks, gym shorts, T-shirts, wind breaker, sweat suit, stamps and alarm clock. It is recommended that each camper bring a new change of clothes for each day of camp and that all clothes be marked with the camper’s name.

•  What do I bring if I'm a Day Camper?

All day campers will be required to bring all of their basketball equipment with them each day of camp, which includes: footwear, towel, gym bag, water bottle, etc.

•  Can Michael Jordan appear at my engagement?

We are a completely separate entity from Mr. Jordan's engagements and events; you would have to contact his agent.

•  Do you offer any other camps?

MJFS in Santa Barbara, California, is the only Michael Jordan Basketball Camp that is scheduled for 2017.

•  As a Day Camper, is it mandatory that I stay until 9:45 pm every night, or is there an earlier time I can be picked up?

If you would like to be picked up earlier than 9:45 pm, your parent or guardian will have to complete a release form. Please go to the camp office at Tropicana Gardens. Your parent or guardian will have to present a valid form of ID. We can only release the campers to parents or guardians who are designated on the camp application.

•  Are parents or friends allowed to watch any of the sessions?

Parents, relatives and friends of campers enrolled at the Flight School are welcome to observe the opening day orientation. This session takes place from 3:45 – 5:00 pm at the UCSB Events Center. Should you wish to observe the MJFS activities during the remainder of the week, we have visitor viewing from 6:30 - 9:30 pm daily. All other camp activities are closed to the public. Please observe and respect these times!

•  Does your camp require medical forms completed?

All medical information that we require is included on the camp application. There are no additional medical forms needed.

•  Do you grant scholarships to people who can't afford the tuition?

Regrettably, we do not offer individual scholarships. All scholarships to the MJFS are issued directly to organizations (e.g., independent charity groups, local Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) and those organizations determine whom the scholarships are awarded to.

•  I missed the cancellation deadline, but really need to cancel. Can I apply this year’s tuition to next year’s camp?

Unfortunately, once the deadlines have passed for cancellations, we no longer offer refunds without a medical documentation from a health care practitioner. We cannot apply tuition to future camp dates once the cancellation deadlines for the 2017 camp have passed

•  Are there any restrictions as to what Mr Jordan can autograph?

Yes, there are restrictions. You may only receive one autograph (per camper) on an item of your choice. The following items will not be signed: Fleer Rookie Card 1986 #57, and any other competitor branded products (ex: Adidas, And 1, Reebok, etc.). No cameras are allowed during autograph sessions.

•  Does tuition include transportation to and from Santa Barbara?

Camp tuition does NOT include transportation to or from Santa Barbara, CA. Campers must pay their own way to Santa Barbara. Transportation will be available for campers traveling alone to and from the local (Santa Barbara / Goleta) Santa Barbara airport, bus, and train stations on the first and last day of each camp session. Please refer to “Transportation” under the “Vital Information” tab for details.

•  Does Michael Jordan participate in each session and will I get the chance to meet him?

Absolutely! Michael Jordan will be in attendance for four out of five days in each camp session, conducting personal lectures, interacting with campers, refereeing random basketball games, and more!

•  How will I know if I am accepted to camp?

Once you apply to MJFS, you will receive a confirmation letter via US mail. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for processing after receipt of application and payment. Kindly do not contact our camp office to request status of camp acceptance.

•  Do you allow cameras and cell phones at camp?

We recommended that campers do not bring valuables such as watches, iPods, TVs, radios, video games, etc., as MJFS is not responsible for loss or theft of valuables or personal items.

•  I assume the dorm beds are twin size for us to bring a sheet set?

Yes, all beds in the dorms are twin size beds.

•  Even though MJFS offers accommodations at the dorms, are youth campers allowed to stay in a hotel and still have a way to get there?

MJFS does not offer transportation to day campers that are traveling to and from a hotels. The camp is not responsible for campers who stay off site.

•  What will you be teaching at MJFS Camp?

We cover extensive basketball fundamentals such as shooting, dribbling, rebounding and defense. All campers have ample opportunity to improve their basketball playing skills at camp.

•  How many campers room together at camp?

Depending on the size of the assigned dorm, the rooms house from 4 - 10 campers.

•  Can I play on other teams with my friends?

We do not take requests or place campers on teams with their friends or family, as all teams are picked randomly to ensure fairness.

•  Can I arrange tuition payments?

We do not accept deposits. Full payment is due when we receive the application.

•  I have received enrolment verification. Will more information be sent to me?

You will receive a final information packet in mid-June.

•  What does tuition cover?

Tuition includes basketball instruction, meals, a MJFS poster, camp T-shirt, color team photo with Michael Jordan, personal autograph (1 autograph per camper), certificate of participation, player evaluation card, Jordan gift bag, medical care, supervision and memories that will last a lifetime!

•  What types of meals are typically served at camp?

Michael Jordan Flight School offers three nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) daily. Our cafeteria serves assorted food selections so that our campers have variety and options to choose from. Special dietary requests will be accommodated - just ask!

•  How much spending money do campers generally bring to put in the camp bank?

The amount of money that you decide to send with your child depends on how much camp gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo's, shorts) pizza, snacks, beverages, snacks, etc. you want them to be able to purchase.

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